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Technological encroachment

Modern information technology has connected us, but also has opened our lives up in a way that makes us more vulnerable to coercion and more susceptible to the commercialization of our personal lives. However, the power that external agents (like Facebook, identity thieves, or the market) have over us is only the power that we give them.

Liberty and justice for all?

If we agree that financial outcomes should only be a function of what we control – that is, the effort and choices we make – then we have to eradicate systems of inherited advantage and disadvantage. Doing so requires those with privilege to renounce it and support the greater good by ending inheritance.

The fight for East Palo Alto: Where does Stanford lie?

We must extend our commitment to EPA. EPA as we know it will completely change in the near future if we do not act in solidarity with tenants fighting for their homes. Organizations like Community Legal Services of East Palo Alto (CLSEPA), Tenants Together, and Nuestra Casa are already organizing in EPA to fight evictions and preserve the community, but they are strapped for resources and labor. Stanford, a center for innovation, learning, and progress, has not only the resources, but also the service commitment to support these organizations fighting for EPA in its time of need.

SuperPACked: The race for Silicon Valley

The race for representation over booming San Jose and Silicon Valley between incumbent Mike Honda (a labor-backed Democrat) and challenger Ro Khanna (a tech-backed Democrat) demonstrates that, in addition to silencing citizens’ voices, Super PACs distort the planning and execution of political campaigns by candidates as well.