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Crisis in Greek life

Something needs to be done to correct the harmful gender relations ongoing in Greek organizations. The very fact that Greek life, by definition, is based on a system of segregation of the sexes creates an us-them mentality that allows for sexual objectification, violence, and acceptance of set gendered roles. As a result, a dismantling or, at least, integration of the Greek system may be necessary to overcome the problems in gender relations.

Can we trust our doctors?

It would be naïve to believe that doctors and professional groups are not motivated by self-interest. If we truly want care that produces the best outcomes for patients and society, we need to restructure the incentive systems that doctors and professional organizations face.

Who are the Terrorists?

Whenever an Islamist executes an attack, the media describe him as an Islamic fundamentalist. The connection between religion and violence is clearly drawn. However, when any other religiously-affiliated group executes an act of similar violence, they are characterized only as terrorists. It is easy and comfortable to think that the world is divided into “good guys” and “bad guys” and that we are fighting the good fight. But to criticize others without looking at one’s own moral standing is to be blind and ignorant.

Don’t forget the drought

Despite its potentially catastrophic consequences, we often forget that we are in a drought. Our situation is analogous to sitting in the garage with the car engine on. Because we are busy in our day-to-day lives, we do not realize that the danger we are in. We are lulled into a false sense of security. We believe that our rivers won’t dry, our lakes won’t empty, and our rains will eventually come back. But, the threat we face is real and it is affecting every single part of California.

Dismantling the “Model Minority” myth

The importance of dismantling the “model minority” Asian stereotype is clear. Convenient and unrepresentative aspects of the Asian identity are exalted to demean other minority groups and justify racially oppressive structures. Moreover, the “model minority” myth renders the discrimination and struggle within Asian American communities invisible. As the Stanford campus continues to organize around Ferguson, it is crucial that we reject an ideology designed to pit minorities against each other and immobilize a movement for racial equality.