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Nehan Chatoor

Passion and academic acumen lead Pierson to Rhodes

“After the interviews, I wasn’t expecting to win — this isn’t false modesty, it’s just statistics,” Emma Pierson ’13 M.S ’13 said about the Rhodes Scholarship application process. If anyone knows statistics, it’s Pierson, who received the 2013 Dean’s Award for Academic Achievement for “her talents and accomplishment in physics, machine learning, statistical analysis and interpretation…

The lure of Wall Street

As Stanford students frantically try to secure summer internships and jobs upon graduation, the popularity and presence of prominent Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley has led to a University-and nation-wide debate concerning the recruiting presence of these firms on campus.

Coding for a cause

  The doors of the Arrillaga Alumni Center flew open, revealing halls bedecked with red and white balloons and walls flanked by banners sporting FACE AIDS insignia.   The students, dressed in eccentric costumes such as tutus and Stanford capes in a blend of flamboyant colors, trickled into a room thumping with electronic music.  …
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