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Mikayla Tillery

Opinion | Activism fatigue is killing social justice. Is it selfish or inevitable?

For those who have been running on empty while advocating for the most marginalized, who have thanklessly returned to activism for the sake of liberation and who have expended emotional labor for organizations that did not deserve it: now is the time for you to start caring for yourself, and holding the activist communities you are a part of accountable for caring for one another. The success of our activism relies on our continued collective power, not our urgency in achieving short-term goals.

Opinion | One year later: remembering Ahmaud Arbery

In remembering Ahmaud Arbery, we are obligated to reflect on the racism that is so pervasive in our country, in our communities and on our campus. Now is the time to recenter ourselves in the work needed to deconstruct the policing and prison systems – because lynchings never stopped.

What the end of the election cycle means from a Black organizer in Pennsylvania

After months of campaigning, phone banking, and pleading with our families to vote with a conscience, it feels like Trump’s loss is a win, it feels like now is time to celebrate. I know that voters in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are chanting in the streets right now, but as Black organizers we haven’t let out a breath yet. There is no sigh of relief when we still have work to do.

Justice for Breonna Taylor looks like abolition

I hope that it is clear after today that there is no accountability nor justice for Black women in a system that simply compounds and commodifies our suffering. We cannot legitimize the current policing system by expecting it to detoxify and dismantle itself. What we can do is take it to the streets, take it to the polls, and take down the white supremacy that thrives within policing and prisons alike.
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