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Molly Vorwerck

Give ’em the Axe, then take it back: the history of Axe thefts

Although the Axe is supposed to reside with the winner of the most recent Big Game, the prized weapon has changed hands illegally eight times in the storied history of the Stanford-Cal rivalry. The Axe, the physical representation of Stanford’s collegiate rivalry with UC-Berkeley, was first stolen by Cal students on April 15, 1899, only…

ESPN SportsCenter comes to the Farm

It’s not quite the traditional Saturday “College GameDay” show, but ESPN is still bringing its set to Stanford for tonight’s top-five clash between the Cardinal and the Oregon Ducks. At 9:15 a.m., ESPN will kick off the first of three broadcasts of “SportsCenter” from the set it has constructed in White Plaza. According to ESPN…

All Shook Up: Stanford’s earthquake history

Early in the morning of April 18, 1906, Stanford students were asleep in their beds when a massive earthquake shook them awake. The 7.8-magnitude shaker, known as “the Great Earthquake,” lasted for a 20 seconds and caused tremendous damage throughout the Bay Area, including two deaths at Stanford. Eighty-three years later, history repeated itself. A…

Freshman year bucket list

As you get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of your first year on the Farm, don’t forget to take time out of your hectic schedule of new friends, exams and random dance floor hookups to indulge in some of Stanford’s most cherished freshman year traditions.

New service looks to match Class of 2013 crushes

matchTHIRTEEN, a service sponsored by the Senior Class Presidents’ Cabinet and members of the Stanford Design Program that launched on June 10, aims to play cupid with graduating seniors by pairing them through an anonymous and private ranking system.

Treehouse building and naked guitar playing: a talk with the new Tree

This year marks the 12th birthday of the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band’s (LSJUMB) mascot: the Tree. After a week of treehouse building and naked guitar strumming, computer science major Calvin Studebaker '15 beat out two other competitors to become Stanford’s next Tree, a role he has embraced with gusto since taking the reins from Nicoletta von Heidegger '13 in February. The Daily sat down with Studebaker to get the scoop on his Tree Week tryouts, as well as what he hopes to bring to the table come football season next fall.

Stanford researchers discover ant reproductive patterns

Stanford biologists have recently discovered new reproductive patterns among harvester ant colonies, identifying for the first time parental lineages within wild ant populations and noting longer-than-expected longevity in reproduction among queen ants. “Most animals produce offspring for awhile, and then they enter a life stage where they don’t,” said Deborah Gordon M.S. ’77, a professor…

Stanford’s female astronauts recount experiences

“Stanford is the kind of place where you do think about achieving goals that are incredible and you do get encouragement from being around people that set those goals just like you do,” said Ellen Ochoa M.S. '81 Ph.D. '85, the first Hispanic woman in space, on Monday night in Cemex Auditorium at an event highlighting the accomplishments of three Stanford alumnae astronauts.

D.C. students join White House rally

The brief moment of fame the Stanford in Washington (SIW) students and their cutouts enjoyed was not the only way this year’s election has affected their experience in the nation’s capital. In fact, for most SIW students, the election was the satisfying culmination of a quarter of political mania.

Silicon Valley Scion

Facebook internship: check. Personalized job offer from the co-founder of YouTube: check. Featured in New York Magazine: check. Undergraduate degree? Feross Aboukhadijeh ’12 isn’t quite there yet.
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