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Michelle Wong

Rio, Bravo! Anat Cohen & Choro Aventuroso at Stanford Jazz

On Saturday night, July 22, Stanford turned into a microcosm of Rio de Janeiro, as the upbeat Brazilian music of Anat Cohen & Choro Aventuroso filled Dinkelspiel Auditorium. For Brazilian jazz beginners like myself, KCSM radio host Alisa Clancy’s introduction to choros was very helpful in understanding the music’s context. (Though I don’t think the…

Netflix’s smart but simplistic ‘Okja’

It’s not everyday that you see a pig the size of a rhinoceros skidding through a convenience store, while a group of masked people protect it from darts with colorful umbrellas. But despite the strange scenes we see in “Okja”, the film doesn’t live up to its potential uniqueness. Director Bong Joon Ho’s comical screenplay shines in “Okja,” about a…
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