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Marks My Words: The Walk-By

You’re walking somewhere on campus, by yourself and on the go. You glance ahead and see that girl you kind of know (yes, it could be a boy, too). Was she in section with you that one time? No, she must’ve been your friend’s roommate. Or, wait, maybe you met her at the party last night? Ah, but you probably don’t remember much about that night anyway…So what do you do?

Marks My Words: The S-Word – Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I described my annoyance with the Stanford response — when people hear that you’re from Stanford, they are sometimes quick to peg you as one of those elitist brats. Oh, you go to Stanford? Well you’re probably really smart, rich and obnoxious. Once they decide this, the person in question may either stop talking to you or make fun of you.

Marks My Words: Next Stop…the Ellipsis

In my feverish attempts to avoid the pages and pages of reading I have every week, I find myself on Gchat with my friends all too often. The other night, as I wiled away the minutes of an all-too-long study break, I paused…There were so many ellipses! In contrast to the academic paper pulled up on my computer screen, the Gchat window was characterized by more three-letter acronyms, a lack of proper capitalization and a host of little dots clustered in groups of three.

Marks My Words: TMI? NEI.

For those of the earlier generations — TMI is an acronym for the expression “too much information.” It is usually uttered to halt a conversational trend, and it is often exclaimed in shock or protestation. I have heard it shrieked most often when people go too far into the realm of the sexually explicit, but also in reference to things like descriptions of violence and gore or narrations of bodily functions such as bowel movements.

Marks My Words: The S-Word – Part I

Last weekend, I went to Vegas for the second time in my life. The first time, I was in 4th grade and with my parents; this time I was in the company of several other 21 and 22-year-olds. While I arguably should have come away from the trip with a massive hangover, a new tattoo and an impromptu marriage, I instead came away with a bad cold and a myriad of thoughts about what it means to tell someone that you go to Stanford.


Take a look at this guy. He is, apparently, the fastest snapper in the world. And even if he isn’t the fastest snapper in the world, he certainly does snap quickly. I would continue to laud his snapping abilities, but I would prefer to focus on the responses he has been getting. According to the…