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Life on the bell curve

We need statistics to make society and medicine safer and more effective. We need baseline values so that we know when there are problems. Yet ultimately we cannot control every number we measure, and maybe we shouldn’t try. Averages may be calculated from individuals, but individuals can’t be calculated from the average.

Nerd is the word, geek is the speak

Whether we embrace our obsessions with Lord of the Rings or particle physics, or whether we really believe that the geeks get the girls, there’s no better time than now for putting aside concerns of social awkwardness and focusing instead on the interests and inclinations that mark our contributions to our jobs and our communities.

Technology as a last resort

The world is full of unsolved problems. It is also full of problems for which solutions already exist, if we only leverage them. When we slow down for a minute, consider the available options, and more carefully assess the consequences of various modes of action, we have a better chance of directing our efforts where they ought to go–for the good of ourselves and the issues we face.