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Brewer: How to be inspired

It’s not easy being surrounded by the best all of the time, but in itself it is the best place to be. Inspiration drives a lot of things, and how to be inspired has been one of the biggest lessons that I have learned through sport. To me, there is a huge difference between working for something because you are inspired, and because you are jealous or envious.

Brewer: Character

If I could pinpoint one thing that people often miss in sport, it would be character, and how we build it in context. Character is what makes an individual unique, an athlete unique and any team of people unique. What’s not seen are the experiences that build it.

Brewer: The good, the bad and the ugly

The good the bad and the ugly. Success often comes from experiencing all three. The good will make you feel like you’re on top of the iceberg. It is when you win a game, a regular season, a Pac-12 championship, or a national championship. Yet, as much as there is a tip of the iceberg, there are also kilometers more beneath the freezing cold water, invisible to passers by.

Brewer: New year, new team?

New year, new me? New year, new team? These phrases float around everywhere on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, the news headlines and many other social networks. I would bet money that the community gyms will be packed during January, yet slowly empty out as the year progresses. Nobody miraculously changes into a new individual, or group of individuals. It is a new year, and new goals have been set, but they’ve been set by the same people. Goal setting is important, and a large part of how people live out unique lives and pursue careers, ambitions and aspirations. But writing down or speaking about what you want is the easy part. With big goals and dreams, comes commitment and motivation, which is undeniably the more difficult part of the system.

Brewer: The journey to a new season

The best time of year is rapidly approaching for one of most tightly knit sports teams on Stanford campus. Basketball is back this Saturday November 4th, at 2pm in Maples against UC San Diego, and the 14 player sisterhood that comprises the Stanford Women’s basketball team is ready to shine even brighter than the spotlight of the 2017 Final Four in Dallas, Texas last season. Yet, this year is unique, as each year is, and began about 6,000 miles East in Rome, Italy.