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Spelfogel: No more #Pac12AfterDark

Oct. 11, 2014: The first widespread use of #Pac12AfterDark occurs on Twitter in reference to USC’s upset of then-No. 10 Arizona, in a game that kicked off at 7:30 p.m. From that day forward, the hashtag has been used hundreds of thousands of times across Twitter. And like the term’s use in 140 character messages, it has also come to symbolize the conference’s push for later and later starting games. Thus far this season, six of seven of Stanford’s games are scheduled to start at 6 p.m. or later, like the Cardinal’s post-7 p.m. start at Utah this past weekend.

Spelfogel: Cardinal need Heisman Love

It was sometime late Saturday afternoon, well after Stanford had solidified its 34-24 victory over Arizona State, that the mundanity of the game truly set in. The Cardinal, at times, had excited and dazzled its spectators in quick bursts of action, but the warm, sun-filled September day was reminiscent of many past Cardinal performances. Adequate…

Spelfogel: KJ must play!

Darkness. With 3:58 remaining in the most pivotal moments of the game, darkness. Stanford’s collapse last week against San Diego State, not much unlike the failure of the stadium’s light and electric system was due to human error. Error in play call, error in execution, and a bit of bad luck. But through last week’s loss, and very clearly juxtaposed against this week’s win, a key differentiator stood out from the rest. That is the man in the Quarterback position.

Spelfogel: Stanford football only a ‘regional’ powerhouse

Remembering that Stanford had defeated USC in three consecutive matchups, and that night two Decembers ago where Christian McCaffrey ran rampant through the SC secondary, almost made me forget that this Cardinal team was part of a different reality. Yet reality crept back quickly in the 2nd half of Saturday’s game, resulting in a 42-24 drubbing at the hands of our Southern California rivals.