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Mei-Hsin Cheng

Disney’s “Maleficent” unfolds the innocent past of the “Sleeping Beauty” antihero

As characters like Walter White and the Underwoods dominate television, it’s no surprise that Disney has its first movie centered around an anti-hero, “Maleficent.” Angelina Jolie plays the titular “Maleficent,” and the film tells the “untold” story of her past as an innocent, altruistic fairy of the moors all the way to her role in the Sleeping Beauty story.

Reviews: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

“Zero Dark Thirty” follows the CIA’s manhunt for Osama Bin Laden. The film revolves around the sharp CIA agent Maya (Jessica Chastain), who spearheads the investigation. “Zero Dark Thirty” is a somber, intense and impressive film by Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow (“The Hurt Locker”).

Review: ‘Frankenweenie’

“Frankenweenie,”Tim Burton’s newest stop-motion animated film, is a modern retelling of the story of Victor Frankenstein -- instead of reanimating human corpses, this film’s Victor focuses his efforts on his ill-fated dog, Sparky.

Reviews: ‘The Avengers’

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Thor fought Iron Man? How Joss Whedon would do directing a superhero movie? Whether a superhero crossover could work as a blockbuster? Well, you get to discover the answers for yourself in “The Avengers.” The mega superhero movie kicks off the summer season with lots of action, lots of superheroes and some semblance of plot.

Geeked out Block Party

The first-ever Super Happy Block Party last Saturday brought together hackers, artists and innovators to collaborate on new ideas. The party was hosted in a block off of High Street between University Avenue and Hamilton Avenue. The packed schedule had an ambitious run time of 1 p.m. to 1 a.m., so we decided to arrive fashionably late at 8 p.m., where we found things winding down after a hard day of nerd partying.
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