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Medha Verma

Beyond the t-shirt: Perks of dressing up

Why do we forget or choose to not participate in the power apparel has to change our outlooks? Just looking at my personal experience, I recognize what incredible transformations fashion has allowed for.

A quick chat with Floravere founder Molly Kang MBA ’15

Any bride knows the struggle of wedding dress shopping. Making an appointment takes months, and when you finally book an appointment, finding the perfect dress you pinned on Pinterest is nearly impossible. And top it all off, waiting for months for a delivery really doesn’t help with all the stress. Luckily, there’s a new addition…

The many faces of Instagram

Almost exactly a year ago, 18-year old social media star Essena O’Neill, with a little over half a million followers, told the public she would be leaving Instagram because it was promoting “contrived perfection made to get attention.” Two months later, Ed Sheeran joined her, stating that he wanted to stop seeing the world through…
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