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An open letter to the Provost

Dear Provost Etchemendy, Last night, the ASSU Undergraduate Senate unanimously approved a resolution that strongly urges you to re-administer the Campus Climate Survey. Only 72 hours after the resolution was introduced, over 400 students signed a petition in support of a new survey. Simply put, the Stanford community recognizes that the last Campus Climate Survey…

Waiting on the sidelines

This primary season will be one for the history books. The House of Bush has fallen to a bombastic TV-star businessman with no political experience. A neurosurgeon — who makes watching paint dry seem interesting — has surpassed well-known governors in the polls. And a little-known senator from Vermont has proven to be a formidable opponent to…

United for marriage equality

Today we hope to talk about an issue of utmost importance for our generation—an issue that can, and should, unite us rather than divide us along political lines. That issue is same-sex marriage, and specifically the court case that could make marriage equality the law of the land at last.