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Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen is an opinions fellow for The Stanford Daily. Originally from Orange County, Matthew is interested in politics and plans to declare a major in political science. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing piano, running, and watching Netflix. Contact him at mcohen18 'at'

An open letter to the Provost

Dear Provost Etchemendy, Last night, the ASSU Undergraduate Senate unanimously approved a resolution that strongly urges you to re-administer the Campus Climate Survey. Only 72 hours after the resolution was introduced, over 400 students signed a petition in support of a new survey. Simply put, the Stanford community recognizes that the last Campus Climate Survey…

Waiting on the sidelines

This primary season will be one for the history books. The House of Bush has fallen to a bombastic TV-star businessman with no political experience. A neurosurgeon — who makes watching paint dry seem interesting — has surpassed well-known governors in the polls. And a little-known senator from Vermont has proven to be a formidable opponent to…

United for marriage equality

Today we hope to talk about an issue of utmost importance for our generation—an issue that can, and should, unite us rather than divide us along political lines. That issue is same-sex marriage, and specifically the court case that could make marriage equality the law of the land at last.

A debate on American foreign policy in Cuba

Matthew Cohen '18 and Johnathan Bowes '15 debate the best actions for Obama to take in Cuban foreign policy. Cohen argues the embargo was obsolete and ineffective, praising Obama's termination of it, while Bowes argues that the US cannot negotiate with the socialist state.

A debate on Puerto Rican statehood

Matthew Cohen '18 and Johnathan Bowes '15 debate whether Puerto Rico should become the 51st state in the United States. Cohen urges us to question the previous votes in Puerto Rico as well as its tremendous debt while Bowes argues the US should respect the will of Puerto Ricans in whatever they choose.

Is drone warfare ethical?

Matthew Cohen '18 and Johnathan Bowes '15 debate the ethics and efficacy of drone usage in warfare in the U.S. Cohen argues the benefits outweigh the drawbacks while Bowes claims U.S. drone policy is setting a dangerous international precedent.

Immigration lawsuit: Is it justified?

Super Tuesday columnists Matthew Cohen '18 and Johnathan Bowes '15 debate the legality of Obama's executive action on immigration reform in reference to the recent lawsuit. Cohen argues for its necessity while Bowes claims it is unconstitutional.

From a legacy: End preferential treatment

While the 2014-2015 application process is drawing to a conclusion, the Stanford Office of Admissions should strongly consider making next year’s admissions process legacy-blind. It is for the betterment of both legacies and non-legacies, but most importantly, it is consistent with the spirit of Stanford. After Leland Stanford Junior died, the Stanfords wrote, “the children of California will be our children.” There was no distinction between legacies and non-legacies. The Office of Admissions should realize our founder’s vision and end the distinction.

Don’t divest from fossil fuels

While scientists across the board recognize the long term dangers that arise from not addressing climate change, Stanford divesting from fossil fuels is impractical, hypocritical, and distracts us from more effective measures we could employ to combat climate change. Instead, Stanford should work to reduce its own carbon emissions.
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