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John Barton discusses future Stanford Graduate Architectural Design Program

With almost all of our graduate programs ranked in the top five nationally, Stanford seems to have an incredible repertoire of graduate curricula. However, one program is glaringly missing: a graduate school for architectural design. While many elite schools like Harvard and Yale have had graduate programs in architectural design for over 50 years, it’s…

Aidlin Darling Design brings the outdoors to the inside of the Windhover Contemplative Center

Although not without its faults, the Windhover Contemplative Center’s architectural connection with nature – instead of the sandstone, tile-roofed academic halls – allows us to remove ourselves from the stressful environments we have created on campus, and escape to a lofty, stress-free state where we can finally “unplug” and “breathe.”

AIA Santa Clara Valley Design Awards

Last Thursday night, architects, urbanists and interior designers gathered in the San Jose Convention Center for the biennial Santa Clara Valley Design Awards, sponsored by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Five judges presented the fourteen awards in the categories of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Unbuilt/Small Projects and Emerging Professionals. The awards were split into three levels of prestige: Citation, Merit and Honor- the highest award. Although all of the award-winning projects set the bar high for architectural innovation in our region, the following four Honor Award winners are unparalleled examples of design excellence.

The building that houses the Anderson Collection is worthy of the artwork within

After almost two years of construction, it’s finally happened: the Anderson Collection is open to the public. On opening day, visitors were directed by a simple, makeshift sign to the new building and met by museum staff with string quartet accompaniment. Though the procession to the building was pleasant, its understated nature did not do justice to the incredible building and collection within. But then again, I’m not sure what could.

Top 5 spaces on campus

Summer is over and campus is buzzing with frosh.

Bathed in California sun, quintessential Stanford spots like Main Quad, White Plaza and Palm Drive look more beautiful than ever. But when NSO is over and the freshman dorms lose their luster (it won’t take long), you’ll likely find yourself wandering aimlessly into the depths of campus.

Don’t worry—The Stanford Daily is here to provide a roadmap of the greatest hidden buildings and spaces on campus.