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Mark Bessen
Mark is the Desk Editor of Opinions for the Stanford Daily. He is a senior studying English, working on an honors thesis on the contemporary coming-of-age novel. He is particularly interested in the narratives of minority writers in the United States (taking minority to include issues of race, class, and gender/sexuality). Contact him at [email protected] with comments or questions.

A call to end housed Greek life at Stanford

The social and cultural consequences of housed Greek life far outweigh the benefits of insular camaraderie amongst members. Etchemendy’s policy changes may attempt to reform the ideology and social environment of the Greek system, but that’s not enough. Only by breaking down the underlying structure – the housed status of fraternities and sororities – can we enact meaningful change and foster inclusivity in the larger Greek community.

U.S. ban on gay blood donation needs to end

I’ve got some damn good blood. I don’t mean genetically — but hey, shout-out to the ‘rents. I mean physically: That succulent red goo pulsing through my healthy, bulging veins is top-shelf: high in iron, low in cholesterol, disease-free. But I still can’t donate blood. I can’t donate blood simply and matter-of-factly because (drumroll please)…

The Co-op Paradox

Finding an identity for oneself is nothing to scoff at, and is indeed wonderful and commendable. However, when that identity comes not from within, but from a superimposed idea of what one’s identity should be according to a societal projection, problems begin to arise. People become “sheeple” and the house begins to assume a unified identity.
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