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Marika Tron

A donkey, a window and an orphanage: The 2020 Oscars live-action short films

These films are brief but their emotional impact is lasting.

Each of the 2020 Oscar nominations for Best Live Action Short Film boldly centered themes of family, resilience, sorrow, comedy and, above all, humanity. None of the five films, hailing from Canada, France, Belgium, the United States and Guatemala, shy away from controversial issues, choosing instead to focus on complex portrayals of race, class and…

‘The Irishman’: A meditation on the mob

Martin Scorsese’s latest film “The Irishman” has been named an “American epic crime film,” an apt description for a three-and-a-half-hour movie featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood (De Niro, Pacino and Pesci) that follows the Bufalino mafia family in Pennsylvania from the 1950s to the 1970s. “The Irishman” doesn’t do subtle. “The Irishman”…

Tales of boyhood and family in this year’s Oscar-nominated live-action short films

The collection of the 2019 Oscar-nominated live-action short films revolve around themes of youth, masculinity, family, motherhood and ultimately, as Oscar-nominated projects often do, the human experience. “Fauve,” “Detainment” and “Skin” place young boys at the center of their stories, while “Marguerite” and “Madre” feature only women on screen (“Marguerite” also being the only nominated…
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