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Maddie Dailey

Getting paid like the pros

A new bill in California signed recently by Governor Newsom flies in the face of all prior legislation preventing collegiate athletes from being paid an amount beyond their tuition for their athletic participation. While this bill does not allow student-athletes to be paid a salaried wage, it allows them to use their position as a student-athlete to promote their own commercial products or those of others.

Twitter strikes again

Yet another tweet tapped away by the fingertips of the President of the United States has risen to the forefront of online conversation and yet again, it is being criticized for ignorance and insensitivity during a time with so many in need. As deadly fires decimate homes and wilderness in both Northern and Southern California,…

Failing to admit admittance

Recently, Stanford University announced that it will no longer be sharing its undergraduate acceptance rate with the public in their typical spring press conference. A main way to measure prestige, our increasingly low admissions rate will no longer be paraded on Top 10 rankings of colleges around the world. As a member of the class…

23andMe is not for me

As an avid STEM enthusiast interested in genetic research, I am all for using the genome to predict and treat illness, although, I have one caveat: Genome sequencing must be used in a medical setting. While its innovativeness and availability make it appealing as a consumer product, the widespread sequencing of genomes in a privatized…
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