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Mac Taylor
Mac Taylor is a senior majoring in Art History and Political Science. She grew up an avid reader and writer amidst the mountains of Aspen, CO.

The power of the petition

Amid a transition to virtual advocacy, a call to recognize the labors of language

Over the last two months, Stanford has transitioned from a physical campus to a virtual one. With this shift, we have entered a new moment of advocacy — an advocacy in which physical presence is not only restricted by relevant authorities, but moreover poses a serious health threat to all those involved.

Rob and I: Rauschenberg at SFMOMA

It was on one knee, while I gazed with eager intensity at abstract expressionist Robert Rauschenberg’s “Monogram” (1955-59), that I realized I was experiencing visceral joy. Mind you, this joy was not a product of being eye level with a literal goat (enveloped mid-way up by a cumbersome tire and entirely splattered in paint). It wasn’t produced by…

Christ or Chaos: Walker Evans in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

A tree splits the frame, hanging languidly (but with backbone) over a dirt road. Embedded in its branches: a battered sign, demanding, CHRIST OR CHAOS? Walker Evans (1903-1975) — photographer, sidewalk rambler and the subject of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s new retrospective — would perhaps say, “both.” A connoisseur of faces, Evans’…
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