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What’s next for the class of 2014?

As the Class of 2014 prepares to leave Stanford, many wonder where they will be headed next. Based on the data from the class of 2013, the Career Development Center (CDC) projects that 40 percent of the Class of 2014 will head into full-time employment, 24 percent will continue on into graduate or professional school and 21 percent will still be seeking employment.

Frost lineup pales in comparison to peer institution spring concerts

This year Frost’s lineup of Dispatch and Yeasayer has prompted student disappointment and has also resulted in decreased ticket sales for the annual music and arts festival. As comparable universities on the East Coast score stars such as David Guetta, Lauryn Hill and Chance the Rapper for spring concerts, many Stanford students have questioned why Stanford is not bringing in the same level of talent.

Critical thinking shapes religious experience on campus

Stanford’s religious culture is in many ways defined by its commitment to diversity: the University is overseen by three different chaplains, boasts over 30 student religious organizations and was founded as a non-religious institution. Stanford’s commitment to a liberal arts education, however, has also shaped the religious experience on campus by emphasizing critical thinking and…