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Liz Stark

Meeting Ally McBeal, 15 years later

Rather than bending over backward to represent the lives of its viewers, or the idealized future lives of the teenagers staying up late to watch it without their parents’ knowledge, “Ally McBeal” brandishes the individuality of its characters and the mind of its creator.

Remote Nomad: Televintervention

In its artificiality, “Nurse Jackie” seeks to convey a truth of the human condition so often diagnosed through alternative programming. From its whimsically animated titles to the tap dance sequence in season two, this show displays awareness of its status as a television show without slipping into omnipotence.

Remote Nomad: Thursday Night Cartoons

FX’s foray into the niche universe of animated television with “Archer” combines genre parody with a procedural framework in an attempt to prove that men care about characters with the same fervency as women.

Remote Nomad: Ethereal zombies take over TV

The undisputed winners of television’s Halloweek were as similar in subject matter as they were distinct in presentation: the zombie movie parody episode of “Community” and the series premiere of Frank Darabont’s foray into tragic zombie apocalypse, AMC’s “The Walking Dead.”

Remote Nomad: TV conquers film this fall

This fall, the augmentation of television’s reputation for excellence and profitability has mixed implications. This fall’s new offerings are nowhere near as strong as last year’s, but they’ll whet your appetite - and work in favor of new cable shows slated for later in the year.

Remote Nomad: It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

I spent the week leading up to “Public Relations” poring over thinly veiled promotional journalism about Matt Weiner’s universe of 1960s advertising titans in Manhattan. Even though that research led me to descriptions of the first words of the new season, “Who is Don Draper?”, those five syllables still sent chills up and down my spine.

Remote Nomad: Summer TV Summary

The current offerings have been largely underwhelming. All I can say is, I never thought I’d appreciate sports this much. Here’s a breakdown of the shows I’ve been watching, for better or worse.

Remote Nomad: Upfront and In Your Face

By definition, "Upfronts" week is when the major networks--ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS (whose new shows unfortunately will be announced after my deadline)--congregate to sell advertisers on their new fall shows with lots of four-minute clips.
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