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What’s up with ISIS

If you’ve been watching the news lately — or, for college students, if you’ve been watching Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report — you’ve heard of the militant Jihadist organization operating in Iraq and Syria known as ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). If you’re like the average Stanford student, you have a…

CS + X-traordinary

Even though this influential vote for a CS-humanities combo major has already been cast, I learned from Ceserani that the Faculty Senate was most tentative about admitting classics into the CS + X program. After all, how could a department that deals in literature written almost exclusively before the Common Era connect to a department that didn’t exist until the twentieth century? Any student of classics should be able to answer this question immediately.

Gentrification and your dream home

This past week, I read a very long article about gentrification in San Francisco. I always thought gentrification was one of those distant phenomena that happened in the abstract and didn’t merit a practical response, but the article cut through that assumption right in the title: “How burrowing owls lead to vomiting anarchists (or SF’s…

The Testosteroom Welcomes One

I live in Synergy. I have 5 roommates. We live between 2 rooms on separate floors, and hold tenuous reign over a tiny third, which we use as a projector room (only holds a couch and a coffee table). All five of my roommates lack the stomachs for a vegetarian house and their insides complain loudly and regularly. This is a story of clandestine aggression, brotherhood and guilt. This is also an apology.