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Confronting face blindness

Ramlagan suffers from prosopagnosia, a disorder more commonly known as face blindness. The disorder is an impairment of the ability to identify and remember faces. According to a German study from the American Journal of Medical Genetics in 2006, it is estimated that one in 50 people suffer from at least a mild form of prosopagnosia.

A unit of happiness

Luskin and Pertofsky originally taught a course titled “The Pursuit of Happiness and Health” in the School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics, which in 2007 evolved into the happiness class offered now, taught twice a year through the athletics department. The happiness class covers topics such as gratitude, mindfulness, human connections, forgiveness and meditation, and reaches a wider student audience.

Rebuilding Thailand from overseas

Before gushing monsoon rains drenched Fern Kundhikanjana’s home in Thailand, Chinese characters were hung above the doorway. Her aunt hoped they would ward off the floods. But Kundhikanjana knew these efforts were vain. To her, it was all “superstition.” As a sixth-year graduate student in applied physics, Kundhikanjana M.S. ’09, Ph.D. ’12 has lived in…