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Leela Srinivasan
Leela Srinivasan is a News Staff Writer for the Stanford Daily. She is a freshman studying anthropology and psychology, originally from the Jersey Shore (not the TV show). Send her a message at [email protected] with any questions or comments. promotes Design Thinking on campus

Founded in 2003, the Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design, known as the, is still exploring how exactly it fits into the larger Stanford community, according to those who regularly utilize the school. The core idea of the, according to Executive Director Sarah Stein Greenberg, is based on its human-centered approach. More and more classes across Stanford are beginning to employ “Design Thinking,” a user-friendly methodology of solving the world’s problems, brought to life with stages of empathy, ideation and prototyping, and which focuses strongly on the user.

Flipside pokes fun at Stanford with Cards Against Humanity parody

A few weeks ago, the Stanford Flipside created a Stanford-themed version of Cards Against Humanity, titled “Cardinal Against Humanity,” and released it to freshman dorms. The cards contain the original game’s raunchy humor, but with a Stanford spin, with cards like “Hennessey’s chiseled body” or “Sex noises from the RF apartment.”
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