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Laynie Stephens

Fashion Spotlight: Holiday Fashion Tips

As Thanksgiving approaches and many of us prepare to return home for family gatherings, some may fear that they have nothing to wear for holiday events. But don’t fret quite yet -- after this article you’ll know exactly how to trick your family into thinking that your style has improved since you last saw them.

Fashion Spotlight: Back to Black

Welcome to the Spotlight. I’m Laynie, here to give you inspiration for the best outfit you’ll wear next week. To start things off, we’re going to go with a classic: all black. Don’t tell me that black is boring, plain or Goth. It’s professional, classy and chic. Think about it. Every season there are fads and trends, but without a doubt you know you’re going to see at least some black on the runway. From Coco Chanel to Alexander McQueen, it seems as if all designers think alike: You have to balance out the fashion of the moment with some black. Yet there is so much style bursting from an all-black outfit, provided that you tailor it right. Not sure what to wear with this new knowledge? Let me help you out:
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