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Lauren Wilson

Q&A with Taylor Rice of Local Natives

l Natives is getting ready to hit the road again to support their sophomore effort, “Hummingbird,” which drops tomorrow. After kicking off their tour with sold-out shows in their L.A. home base, the band takes their brand of psychedelic indie pop up to Oakland this Wednesday.

Review: ‘The Hunger Games’

Fans can let out a sigh of relief. As far as book to film translations go, “The Hunger Games” can safely enter the pantheon of quality adaptations alongside “Harry Potter” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” “Golden Compass”, this is not.

Young the Giant lights up SF

Modern rock neophytes Young the Giant launched their second headlining tour Wednesday night with the first of two sold-out shows at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco. Sound quality at the Fillmore is top-notch—some of the best I’ve ever experienced in a live venue—and the music didn’t disappoint.

A chat with Young the Giant

Three years ago, Sameer Gadhia '11 was a typical parent’s dream -- a smart kid studying Human Biology at Stanford, getting involved in his spare time by singing in Talisman and enjoying Greek life in Sigma Nu

Wilco shines in San Jose

People who complain about how much music sucks today need look no further than Wilco to have their arguments squashed. While other bands have shot to superstardom and either flamed out or comfortably nestled in mediocrity, the Chicago-based band has steadily chugged along, sneakily becoming one of the most important American rock bands around. Despite that, the members of Wilco still maintain a relatively low profile.

Best and worst dressed of the Golden Globes

Everyone knows the Golden Globes are really just one big boozefest (see Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech). Any credibility the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had was thrown out the window last year after they nominated “The Tourist” in the best comedic film and acting categories. It’s just an excuse for Hollywood’s rich and famous to turn out, rub shoulders and have a good time. Here’s a look at what the celebs wore to the party.

Top 5: Things that outlasted Kim Kardashian’s marriage

To nobody’s surprise, Kim Kardashian’s fairytale marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries ended abruptly when she filed for divorce on Monday after just 72 days of wedded bliss. Usually, Intermission doesn’t work well with numbers but counting is something that we can do, which leads us to our five favorite things that have fared better than the Kardashian-Humphries union.

‘Office’ star talks about work, life and playing Ben Affleck

Mindy Kaling is funny. Really, really funny. To use a long, highly specific metaphor, she’s that one friend you catch up with over lunch one day but wind up sitting back and letting her dominate the entire conversation. However, you’re completely fine with it because you know she’s not an insufferable egotist, but simply infinitely better at telling stories than you could ever hope to be.

Top 5: Pop Culture Costumes

In between midterms, papers, p-sets and whatever else, Intermission totally understands if you haven't gotten around to putting your Halloween costume together yet. That's why we're here with our handy-dandy list of pop culture-inspired costumes we think you should consider. Hear that knocking? It's the zeitgeist--embrace it! Three cheers for cultural relevancy!

Farewell, Mr. Potter

Hordes of Stanford students will queue up at midnight tonight for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II,” the final act in the franchise’s 14-year grip on the pop cultural consciousness.

Mixed Co. goes Gaga

Mixed Co. is looking to capitalize on Gaga’s success with the first official a capella cover of Gaga’s latest single, “The Edge of Glory,” on iTunes now, and a little taste of their next album, slated for a fall release.

Top 5: TV Shows to Netflix

Now that we’ve entered this weird TV purgatory where on-air shows are winding down and trashy summer reality shows are still a couple weeks away, Netflix is the perfect place to get your temporary TV fix.
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