Laura Malagrino
Laura is a high school student writing as part of The Daily’s Summer Journalism Workshop.

Park for the people?

Tucked in the hills of the Santa Cruz Mountains lies Foothills Park, 1,400 acres of land scattered with hiking trails, camping grounds and grassy lawns surrounding Boronda Lake. Flocks of turkey and herds of deer occasionally cross the park’s trails. People with disabilities frequent the smaller paths and campsites, as vehicles can park in multiple…

Tha Hood Squad aims to create a new narrative in the Bay Area

Created in 2014, Tha Hood Squad spawned from a project to create a news program — Tha Hood News — that would include the often-overlooked narratives of people of color in the Bay Area. What began as Tha Hood News soon developed into Tha Hood Squad, as the members decided they wanted to expand their reach beyond journalism. Tha Hood Squad, now labeled as an art collective, continues to produce Tha Hood News alongside organizing community events, protests and various forms of “art-tivism,” or activist-based art.
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