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Lark Wang

[MAGAZINE] Money matters: A guide to Stanford’s finances

“Endowment (noun): the action of endowing something or someone.” Thanks, Google. The average Stanford student might not know what exactly the Stanford endowment does or how it differs from the annual budget. Sorry if we shook your reality there — the endowment is a pool of invested funds that help to cover University expenses in…

Faculty Senate hears budget plans

The budget includes contingency funds to account for fluctuations in federal research funding and projects proposed through the University’s just-launched long-range planning process.

Carbon research reveals implications for climate change

Stanford researchers demonstrated that microorganisms do not always break down organic matter in oxygen-poor areas, causing large amounts of carbon to accumulate in soil and sediments according to a study published in Nature Geoscience, “Thermodynamically controlled preservation of organic carbon in floodplains.”

Q&A: Stanford psychiatrist on preventing teen suicide

The Daily sat down with Associate Professor of Psychiatry Shashank V. Joshi to discuss his work as a psychiatrist, professor and advocate for student mental health. As a panel member of the California State Superintendent's Student Mental Health Policy Work Group, Joshi provided input on a bill that requires California school districts to enact specific policy regarding suicide prevention for seventh through 12th grade students.
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