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Kylie Jue
Kylie Jue '17 was the Editor-in-Chief for Vol. 250. She first became involved with The Daily as a high school intern and now is a CS+English major at Stanford. A senior from Cupertino, California, she has also worked a CS 106 section leader. To contact Kylie, email her at kyliej ‘at’

Editor’s Farewell: Understanding our community

I’d like to believe that 10 years from now, I’ll look back at my time as editor-in-chief and say that this was the volume that convinced me to go into journalism. I’d like to remember this as the year that changed my career path. And in many ways, it’s certainly brought me closer to that conclusion.

Why The Daily matters: Learning with The Daily

In The Stanford Daily’s Articles of Incorporation, the first general purpose of the organization is “to provide an education opportunity to the Stanford University students to gain journalistic writing, photographic and business experience at Stanford University.” It’s this culture of education and learning that make The Daily such an important institution on Stanford’s campus.

President Obama talks inclusive entrepreneurship, moderates panel with Mark Zuckerberg

“[Stanford] is the place that made nerd cool,” said President Barack Obama when he spoke at Stanford on Friday morning as part of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES). Obama highlighted diversity and accessibility in entrepreneurship in his address. Following his speech, the president moderated a discussion with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and three young entrepreneurs from around the world.

Past the point of no return: Sitting with Team Sm:)e at TreeHacks

Team Sm:)e was an all-female team at TreeHacks that “kind of just happened organically” — they hadn’t planned on being a team of all women in advance. Kristen Law ’18, Gracie Young ’18 and Catherina Xu ’18 were all sophomores who had worked together at previous hackathons and for class projects, and Meera Srinivasan ’19 was…

Campus Drive gas leak causes evacuation

Campus Drive has been closed from Mayfield Avenue to Junipero Serra Boulevard due to a gas leak at 1047 Campus Drive. The leak was first reported at 3:55 p.m., and both the Kappa Sigma and SAE houses were also evacuated at the time.

Graduate student charged with poisoning labmates’ drinks

A graduate student at Stanford’s School of Medicine has been charged with four felony counts of “poisoning any food, drink or medicine” for putting paraformaldehyde (PFA) in labmates’ water bottles. According to a case summary provided to The Daily, the suspect “willingly mingle[d] a harmful substance, paraformaldehyde with a drink, water.” The suspect has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Cedro RFs to resign next Tuesday

Justin and Terese Grimmer will be stepping down as the resident fellows (RFs) of Cedro next Tuesday, March 3. The couple notified residents of their coming departure on Wednesday evening. This was their first year as RFs.

Rabia Chaudry speaks about her experience with the “Serial” podcasts

On Monday afternoon, Rabia Chaudry, the family friend and past lawyer who brought the case of Adnan Syed to “Serial” host Sarah Koenig, came to Stanford Law School to give her first public talk about her experience with the podcast. Umbreen Bhatti, a lawyer and 2014 John S. Knight Journalism Fellow, facilitated the discussion, "Let's Give Them Something To Talk About: What Serial Can Teach Us About Advocacy."

New case of bedbugs found in Toyon after reported eradication

Late last week, another case of bedbugs was discovered in Toyon Hall in a room previously unaffected by the problem. The student, who wished to remain anonymous, was moved to temporary housing at Lasuen during the poisoning process but returned to his room early this week. Residents have not reported any further problems.

Stanford researchers develop ant-sized radio

Amin Arbabian, assistant professor of Electrical Engineering, and his team of researchers have developed ant-sized radios that bring the Internet of Things (IoT)—the interconnectedness among people, devices and wireless data—one-step closer to reality.
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