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Obsessive Kompulsion: Poking Holes in the Illusion

So, the interesting thing about having a column is that it puts me into a very public sphere. As someone who considers himself an introvert, this presents a couple of issues: (1) being misunderstood and not having the chance to clarify others’ misconceptions, even if I what I wrote makes sense to me; and (2), more problematically, that there is only so much I feel comfortable revealing about myself in this setting — what I say in my column is very different than what I write in my journal.

Home Sweet Home?

When I booked my Thanksgiving Break flights in early October, I begged my dad to spend an extra hundred dollars so that I could spend a full week at home, instead of returning to Stanford early Friday morning. Now, on this final night of break, I wish I had acquiesced to my father. The eleven…