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Kristian Davis Bailey
Kristian Davis Bailey is a junior studying Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity. A full time journalist/writer and occasional student, he's served as an Opinion section editor, News writer and desk editor for The Daily, is a community liaison for Stanford STATIC, the campus' progressive blog and journal, and maintains his own website, 'With a K.' He's interested in how the press perpetuates systems of oppression and seeks to use journalism as a tool for dismantling such systems.

Do you actually want to help me?: On Palestinian, Black and Queer Liberation

Two weeks ago, Stanford Israel Alliance co-hosted a screening of “Out in the Dark” with the Queer Straight Alliance. Having watched the film and its portrayal of a star-crossed relationship between a gay Palestinian resident of the West Bank and a gay Jewish Israeli and having spent a month in the West Bank primarily with queer Palestinians, the film felt both compelling and violent. What was compelling was the simple human desire to love and be loved, and watching a couple attempt to fight the structural barriers conspiring against them.

Separate and Unequal: Discriminatory Policies in Israel and Palestine

This week marks the ninth annual international Israeli Apartheid Week, which serves to highlight the Israeli state’s systematic discrimination and human rights violations against Palestinians and to build the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement that seeks to hold Israel accountable to its international humanitarian law obligations. For some, the word apartheid is controversial.…

Addressing the Wounds of American Racism

The last time I wrote for The Daily was to express my grief over the acquittal of George Zimmerman for his murder of Trayvon Martin. The event that sparks my return to a column is the murder of yet another young black person that has similarly gone unpunished. Last weekend, a Florida jury could not…

Returning to Reality

I have been avoiding writing this column for about three weeks now--and I might avoid getting to the point for a few more sentences. I think I fell back into depression again these last few weeks.

Time’s a wastin’, ‘Mr. Bailey!’

Recognizing that not everyone has agreed with me or liked me during this time, I will say that getting people to do so is no longer a goal of mine. What I hope I’ve done over the past 10 weeks is to get people to think critically about some of the following questions:

Why I care about Israel’s occupation of Palestine

At stake in the multibillion-dollar American-Israeli occupation of Palestine are contemporary issues that I and many other Stanford students care about, including the increase of racial profiling, police brutality against nonviolent political dissidents, American immigration policy and the welfare of the global poor.
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