Khuyen Le

Gaieties takes a step forward in its 2019 rendition

Centered around a romance between two characters with underrepresented narratives and struggles, Gaieties 2019 touches upon issues of accepting failures and forgiving oneself. Weaved into that narrative is a positive celebration of one’s identity and community, and of how the latter can serve to support and uplift the former. These issues are brought to life by a talented cast of mostly frosh, further bringing home the pertinence of these issues especially to those new to Stanford and to college life.

Beautifying labor, celebrating craft: Vivienne Le’s ‘Five Sisters’

Against the white wall of the exhibition room of Root Division (1131 Mission St, San Francisco) stands an installation of vibrantly colored sculptures. This is the cardboard—and—plaster work of Stanford senior Vivienne Le, one of the 12 works chosen among nearly 200 applications for Introductions 2019, a juried exhibition that opened on September 12th. The annual exhibition seeks to showcase the talent of emerging artists in the Bay Area. (Photo courtesy of Vivienne Le)
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