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Katy Storch

Spicing up STS

  Much like a chef prepares an elaborate meal with diverse ingredients, Allison Carruth ’04 M.A. ’08 Ph.D., the new associate director of Stanford’s Science, Technology and Society program (STS), has returned to campus to concoct a dish of her own. However, instead of a gourmet meal, this dish comes in the form of spicing…

The end of an enchanted era

Somewhere between pulling open the tinted glass door of Century Redwood City 20 theaters and taking my first step inside, I crossed a powerful wormhole reminiscent of Platform 9 3/4, the magical connection between the ordinary world and the wizarding world in J.K. Rowling’s internationally renowned “Harry Potter” series.

Need for speed

David Geeter ’12 has made it his mission to make the practice of speed-reading a reality for Stanford students through his on-campus speed-reading workshop.
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