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Katie Reveno

The games we play

My dad, a Division 1 college basketball coach, communicated the importance of his games to me when he paced the sidelines and slammed his playbook down on the officials’ table during the last two minutes of a tied-up game.

Poll observing

My roommate Charlotte and I arrived at a Target parking lot and quickly located the large white tent with an American flag by the entrance. While we waited, we reviewed our instructions from the DNC. Our job for the day would be to protect against voter suppression and eliminate obstacles that might hinder potential voters from voting.

TikTok and destructive discourse

The mom of three-turned-cooking blogger on my TikTok “For You” page (FYP) informs me that she has become an at-home master chef in the midst of quarantine. Are those crepes I see? I think about my diet of Trader Joe’s microwavable vegetarian lunches and grow self-conscious. Maybe more cooking, less “Love Island”? But wait! I,…
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