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Kasey Quon

The Relentless Ann Miura-Ko

Public speaking was Floodgate co-founder Ann Miura-Ko’s, Ph.D. ’10, biggest fear. During her junior high piano recitals, she struggled to say her name or the name of the piece she was performing. “I was a painfully shy student,” Miura-Ko said. In eighth grade, Miura-Ko’s older brother had to accompany her on stage to announce her…

Women in Tech: Lisa Falzone discusses Revel Systems and adrenaline rush of being a founder

Lisa Falzone, 30, co-founder and CEO of Revel Systems, a point-of-sale technology company, thrives under high-pressure situations. After graduating, the former Stanford varsity swimmer realized she missed the adrenaline rush and competitive spirit and filled that void with the entrepreneurship world. “It’s really team-oriented and you learn how to perform at a high level under high-pressure…

Women in Tech: Ellora Israni talks She++

In sum, we still face a gender disparity in the corporate world. In the top 100 companies, 83 percent of executive committees were men, according to the Gender Balance Score Card. As a result, The Dish Daily is launching a series on Women in Technology to highlight female leaders in the Bay Area.

NovoEd: Group project-based online education

NovoEd redefines the traditional video and quiz online education pedagogy by providing a social and community-based experience. The online social learning platform’s mission is to provide their online students with what Stanford students have access to on campus: high quality smart people and the opportunity to work with them.

Sesh: A mobile peer-to-peer tutoring app

In the midst of midterm season, Sesh, a mobile peer-to-peer tutoring app that provides 24/7 on-demand service, has the potential to become your next study partner. Releasing publicly at Stanford on Tuesday, the company was started by eight Stanford and Vanderbilt students.

Pulling the plug

Born and raised in the Computer Age, I didn’t know a life without technology. This past winter quarter, however, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid. That meant (per my parents) turning off my data plan and abandoning my iPhone in order to avoid huge phone expenses.

Piques her Pinterest

Over Christmas break, my friend received a juicer as a gift. She promptly invited me (a fellow juice enthusiast) over to join her in making our very own concoction. But we had a small problem. We had no idea what kind of juice we wanted to make, let alone what ingredients we would need to create the juice.
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