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Kaden Freeman

A friend in 5-Sure

  The drivers at 5-SURE don’t mind if you’re a regular. In fact, they are more than happy to pick you up, whether it’s your first time calling or a thrice-weekly habit. Students United for Risk Elimination (5-SURE) is an organization that dispatches drivers to students in need of a ride on campus. The program…

Waste check

SSS promotes sustainability both on and off campus, taking a holistic approach to environmentally sustainable practices, from raising awareness to waste reduction.

Tagalog to Thai

Uzbek, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Hungarian, Greek and American Sign Language are just some of nearly 20 special languages offered at Stanford that fulfill the one-year language requirement. While the most popular languages are Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, German and Arabic, in that order, according to the Stanford Language Center’s 2010 annual report, other languages hold greater appeal for certain students. The Special Language Program gives students the opportunity to study these lesser-taught languages.
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