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Justin Wilck

Stanford: Naming is more than just recognition

Writing as a senior, it is hard not to feel like Stanford is often more committed to protecting its brand name than it is in utilizing its institutional power to fulfill its mission “to promote the public welfare by exercising an influence in behalf of humanity.”

In defense of counter-speech: A liberal response to The Stanford Sphere

On Nov. 3, the Stanford Sphere’s editorial board published a piece titled, “Right Wing Trolls on Campus Don’t Deserve Your Time.” Its argument echoed another piece published by The Sphere’s editor Ravi Veriah Jacques last April, titled, “It’s Time to Let the Right Win on Campus.” Both pieces share a similar argument: A small group…

Change my mind: SCR’s only concern with violence is how to use it

At noon on Tuesday, Stanford College Republicans (SCR) hosted an event in White Plaza with the signs “Kavanaugh is innocent until Proven Guilty” and “Change My Mind.” Hours later, SCR made a post on its Facebook page to dox and make unequivocal claims denigrating Melinda Hernandez (and all Stanford liberals) without any substantive proof: “Today,…

Don’t bet on an accountable administration

This past Monday was the first day of the academic year. In many ways, it was the spectacular and familiar open to the fall quarter that we, as returning students and workers, are accustomed to. The cardinal Stanford banner still stretched out imperiously from Palm Drive to the lower contours of downtown Palo Alto, the…
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