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Juliet Okwara

Taking the humanities for granted

I spent two entire quarters crunching numbers or writing lines of code, and while I found both activities enjoyable (and still do), I had left the side of myself I had thought I knew best to the wayside. I didn’t read, I hardly wrote, and I felt guilty just looking at any of the blank pages of my journals.

What we’ll have to answer on Wednesday

A predicted Trump loss is nearly as dangerous as a Trump win. His policies will go untested and therefore unchallenged, his supporters will further blame the system as they point out how their beloved leader was spurned by it, and there will be another Trump (perhaps not as orange or self-destructive, but another nonetheless).

On losing Obama

An Obama presidency, no matter what his policies amounted to, did the one thing the black community has been striving to do for centuries: uncap the limits of our potential.
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