Justine Sombilon

If lovelorn and heartbroken, just read The New York Times

Since starting to write for The Grind, I’ve recently pondered the question, “What makes a good story?” Is it a clear beginning, middle and end? A plucky protagonist you can’t help but root for? Does every good story need a love story?  This led me to my next inquiry, “What is a love story?”  You…

Mom, Dad and cars

Sitting in a light blue Honda CRV as the fairly manageable morning rush hour traffic sets in on the California 95 freeway, it takes approximately six hours and 12 minutes to drive from La Habra, California to Stanford University. Ask my parents. They just did it this past weekend.

Diet Coke

My favorite part of Saturday brunch at Wilbur isn’t even the food: it’s the chatter. It’s incessant, ceaseless, a constant buzzing filled with muted murmurs of the previous night’s shenanigans. Who took too many shots of green apple vodka too soon, who fell into the bushes walking back from Phi Psi and, my personal favorite,…
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