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Josh Kazdan

Stanford researchers record 3D bird flight to improve drones

David Lentink and his graduate student assistant Mark Deetjen, a third-year mechanical engineering Ph.D candidate, are in the midst of developing a new method of mapping dynamic surfaces in order to discover key features of bird’s wings, which could be applied to any study of movement. According to Lentink, this could have implications in the growing drone market.

New Tree joins the forest

At the conclusion of Tree Week this year, Tyler Clark ’18 emerged as the new Stanford Tree. Clark and fellow Tree candidate Magic performed an exorcism and traveled out of the country to impress the Leland Stanford Junior Marching Band (LSJUMB) over the course of the two-week long audition period.

Old country jail discovered on campus

A new initiative to save the California red-legged frog on campus grounds has become an archaeology project to find an old country jail west of Page Mill Road. Since the red-legged frog was named California’s state amphibian in 2014, Stanford has decided to modify its grounds to accommodate and protect their habitats in accordance with…

Panel addresses environmental policy under Trump

Environmental policy could face setbacks under a climate-skeptic Trump administration, but it may be too early to call doom and gloom, according to a Stanford Law School panel. The panel included four political experts on climate change who spoke on the potential ramifications of Trump’s presidency on environmental policies. The bipartisan panel contained members whose specialties spanned political and environmental science as well as law.
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