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Josh Cho

Taming technology

Likes are political. When I like something, I am whispering to my friends to like it. Thus a mindless like is never inconsequential. It affects people. And to see my near society respect this high class association made me sick.


But if you feel you haven’t had any breakthroughs recently, should you feel less inclined to write? Can you ever be too weak to write? Unqualified?

On the humanity of politicians

This story is about seeing humans as they are. Presidents, pedophiles, celebrities, psychopaths. We are all humans. We forget that fact sometimes; we have the tendency to dignify or petrify humanity.

Meta advice

long term nibbling on this anti-advice proved extremely useful because most advice in the world — other than the anti-one — turns out to be trash.

The road to humility

But maybe, just maybe, there is a different road. A road where the thing at the end of the path matters (and is visible). A road where we seek eulogy virtues, not resumé virtues. A road where humility is graced and self-promotion avoided.

Workaholics at Stanford

Workaholics at Stanford tend to be the least interesting bunch. They kill themselves with 20 units. 21 units. 22 units. And they boast, "I am going to die this quarter. I am not getting enough sleep. I have too many P-Sets."
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