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Jonathan Arnold

The Daily’s Halloween movie picks

This is the movie that cemented rage zombies into our cultural lexicon, pivoting away from slow-shambling creeps and instead leaning into a fast-paced terror the whole way through. It’s a master of the spook that you can see a long time coming — and yet are still shocked by. “28 Days” merely uses the creepiness of its zombies as a backdrop as it delves into the horrors of our own humanity, lending us a long-lasting feeling of deep uneasiness.

Introducing Alice Wu: A Q&A with the director of ‘The Half of It’

Stanford Arts has brought in a number of notable alumni to chat about their work in the arts through the “Live From Their Living Room” series. Aptly co-presented by the Asian American Activities Center this Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, one alum stood out in particular. In mid-May, the same month that her film “The Half of It” premiered on Netflix, Stanford Arts spoke with Alice Wu (BS ‘90, MS ‘92).

The 2020 Oscars in Conversation

Thoughts on the nominees JONATHAN: The Academy should be ashamed of their nominations this year.  They did do a few things right. Antonio Banderas getting Best Actor for his career-best performance in “Pain and Glory” is a relief, as is Florence Pugh’s presence in Best Supporting Actress for “Little Women.” It’s always appreciated when Oscar…
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