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The boon of GE food

Before pundits and politicians reduce the questions and solutions posed by GE crops and GE agribusiness down to sound bytes and slogans, we must realize just how powerfully positive the effects of genetically engineering our food can be if handled correctly.

Fight the foolish: Tackling the vaccination crisis

So in the grand scheme of things, small groups of faith-healing fundamentalists do not pose a threat to public health. Trying to coerce those groups to violate their religious beliefs, therefore, cannot be reasonably necessary to curb the re-emergence of vaccine-preventable disease. The opposite holds true, though, for anti-vaxxers who abuse philosophical vaccine exemptions.

Keystone XL: A pipeline to a new future?

Super Tuesday columnists Johnathan Bowes ’15 and Matthew ’18 take on the hot button political issues of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Bowes argues that if developed ethically and with respect to landowners and Native American nations, the pipeline is a net positive for the US. Cohen suggests that the risk of affecting the American water supply and the overall increased production of oil should make us wary.

Stone by stone: Refocusing the Ferguson protests

At this point, though, shouting “Shut it down for Michael Brown!” while parading through shopping malls in St. Louis or while chained to the BART train is a fairly meaningless and insignificant act. Protesting against a grand jury’s decision as a way to achieve some sort of betterment for the situation of black people vis-à-vis violence or the police will ultimately change nothing about those situations.