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Jenny Rempel

From Farm to Fork: Eat your peas and carrots

Zero waste lunches are an effective outreach strategy, but their name is a little misleading.

From Farm to Fork: A Stanford CSA for EPA

Community-supported agriculture represents a growing model for connecting consumers with farmers to provide support for local food systems. Membership in a CSA typically involves pledging financial support for a local farm or farms, such that CSA members cover the anticipated costs of farm operation and, in return, receive shares of the farm’s products.

From Farm to Fork: Training for basic food literacy

This highly structured experience matches the carefully constructed charade through which many customers interact with and experience their food. For instance, grocery stores are laid out to channel customers into the middle aisles, where brand-name, processed foods are located.

From Farm to Fork: Wintertime wonderings

I love bananas and strawberries like no other, and I have been known to eat whole cartons of blueberries in one sitting. But sadly, my inner local foodie knows that even if it feels like summertime outside, these fruits have traveled many miles to reach my mouth in the dead of winter.

From Farm to Fork: Creating a food movement at Stanford

Welcome to the burgeoning local food movement. By local, I do not mean the Bay Area, nor even the Stanford campus, but a certain bedroom in Synergy Cooperative House. In preparation for a recent room warming, my roommates and I took a trip to Common Ground, a nearby garden supply store. We picked up potting soil, lavender, chamomile, mint and thyme, and now the most exciting part of our room is a set of planter boxes hanging outside our third floor windows.
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