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Jenna Shapiro
Jenna Shapiro is a staff writer for The Stanford Daily who enjoys writing about art, culture and social issues. Originally from Laguna Beach, Calif., Jenna is a beach-goer, an owner of 18 personal journals, a big fan of Stephen Covey, and an avid seeker of the untold story. Jenna is a prospective Science, Technology, and Society major and an Art History minor. To contact her, please email jennshap "at"

Stanford hosts first annual symposium on equity in entertainment

"Getting Played,” Stanford’s “first annual symposium on equity in the entertainment industry and awards” took place on Feb. 21 in Annenberg Auditorium. Leaders in the industry discussed issues of diversity and equality as part of the event, which also honored individuals who have advanced equity in entertainment.

Talisman brings together 25 years of alumni

On Feb. 8, the 22 already powerful voices of Stanford’s Talisman a cappella group will unite with those of at least 80 Talisman alumni in Bing Concert Hall. To celebrate 25 years as a co-ed a cappella group dedicated to sharing oral traditions from around the world, Talisman has invited any and all alumni from…

“Scene in Action” brings dance, art and fashion to a new stage

Energized by its own setting, the quarter-long "Scene in Action" class draws inspiration from the Cantor's Robert Frank exhibit of 1950s American photography, as well as the Anderson Collection's abstract expressionist art. Performers are challenged to express "ideas as a direct response to the impulses seen and felt in the art of this period" through contemporary movement, as the course description reads.

The fashion of football season

Fall has arrived once again, but on Stanford’s campus, this only means another, possibly more important season in store: football season. As the football team gears up, the rest of us equip ourselves in as much Cardinal red and white as we can muster. Whether you are the swagged-out rally-goer, stylish sports lover or spirited-but-athletically-unaware,…

“Construction Site” calls attention to the reconstruction of the arts on campus

Through a series of five site-specific contemporary dance pieces developed on five distinctive locations around campus, the Dance Division's "Construction Site" performance on May 28 inspired a, quite literally, moving experience for attendees. Beginning at the Bing Concert Hall entrance and looping around Harmony House to end at the Cantor Arts Center, the audience was guided from site to site by an enthusiastic, dancing troupe of "construction workers" who posed creatively to form the path. Although marked by five separate pieces, the night served as a cohesive reminder of Stanford's transforming physical environment and art's ability to awaken the senses.
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