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Jason Willick

Censors at Stanford

It is even more disturbing—and ominous for the future of our democracy—that Stanford’s student leaders all seem to agree that suppression and coercion, rather than dialogue and debate, is the appropriate response to dissenting ideas. Those few campus organizations they want to suppress are small and politically powerless, so the anti-free speech activists have no problem overpowering them with their superior political muscle.

Smoke, Mirrors and the SAT

At a time when high school grading standards are eroding and fewer incoming college freshmen are prepared to handle the course material, a demanding standardized testing regime is more important than ever. We need a harder SAT, not an easier one.

Blurred Lines in the Culture War

Not long ago, American conservatives seemed to be crushing liberals in the culture war. As George Packer wrote in his 2001 book, Blood of the Liberals, American liberals were seen during the 1988 presidential election as “a minority creed of rapist-coddlers and flag burners and pornography peddlers and other elitists.” Liberals’ commitment to broad legal protections…

The Case against Civility

The Israeli government could be days away from criminalizing the derogatory use of the word “Nazi” and other words and symbols associated with the Holocaust. Predictably and appropriately, this has elicited near-universal shock and disapproval from opinion-makers on this side of the Atlantic, who have typically made two distinct arguments against the legislation. The first…
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