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Jared Klegar
Staff Writer, DEI Team Co-Chair
Jared Klegar ’24 writes for Arts & Life and The Grind and co-chairs the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team. An English major, misplaced modifiers are among his biggest pet peeves. Contact him at jklegar 'at'

Charting her own path

2020 was the magic year: Now recovered, after years of pain and exhaustion and triumph and resilience, Gabriela Lipson would finally be entering Stanford’s famed archways as a member of the class of 2024. Then, COVID-19 hit.

Ram’s Head’s gender-bent ‘Heathers’ pushes the boundaries of digital theater

Ram’s Head Theatrical Society’s “Heathers” isn’t your average Zoom musical. The show follows high school senior Veronica Sawyer (an astonishing Junah Jang ’24) as she joins a clique of the titular Heathers (Maliha Yousuf ’24, Tyah-Amoy Roberts ’23 and Isabella Juarez ’23 — all wonderfully confident and charismatic) and navigates the toxic masculinity of football jocks Ram Sweeney and Kurt Kelly (brought hilariously to life by Cainan Cole ’20 M.S. ’21 and Dylan Moore ’24).

The Daily’s Halloween movie picks

This is the movie that cemented rage zombies into our cultural lexicon, pivoting away from slow-shambling creeps and instead leaning into a fast-paced terror the whole way through. It’s a master of the spook that you can see a long time coming — and yet are still shocked by. “28 Days” merely uses the creepiness of its zombies as a backdrop as it delves into the horrors of our own humanity, lending us a long-lasting feeling of deep uneasiness.
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