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Jacob Jaffe

Jaffe: Baseball regional at Sunken is a must-see event

Fear not! The sports world (and the NCAA selection committee) has given us all another gift: Stanford is hosting a regional in the NCAA baseball tournament this weekend. The Cardinal will compete in a four-team, double-elimination bracket, and the winner will go on to the Super Regionals. From there, a best-of-three series will determine the eight participants in the College World Series.

Jaffe: As Mom would say, youth sports’ competitiveness should be toned down

The only thing that caused me complaints was my aforementioned hatred of exercise (seriously, it’s the worst), but I never really thought much of it until my mom began to question some of my coaches for their methods. She would tell me about how youth sports used to be more about just kids having fun with less emphasis on being ultra-competitive. I know this might sound lame, but we’re talking about eight year olds in a recreational soccer league. You get a trophy no matter what.

Jaffe: Puny men’s volleyball tournament shouldn’t exclude teams like Stanford

Every March, dozens of college basketball teams wait anxiously for a selection committee to decide their postseason fate. Coaches go on television making their team's case, resumes are compared in hundreds of different ways and the word “bubble” gets thrown around approximately 12,000 times per second. Months and months of hard work get boiled down to a few numbers and the opinions of a group of old men in a room on one Sunday afternoon, leaving several good teams left outside the Big Dance. And there's nothing the players can do about it.

Jaffe: Learning to love the tie

Yesterday I watched one of the most intense games I've ever seen. It kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish and made me nervous innumerable times throughout. There was as much drama in this game as any game I can remember. And yes, it was a soccer game.

Jaffe: Spring Game, though inexact, reveals questions about Cardinal offense

April is the time of the year when nearly every sport has something major going on. College basketball has its championship, playoffs begin in the NBA and NHL, the MLB season gets underway and the NFL has its draft. The Masters brought golf back to the limelight, and European soccer is reaching its pinnacle with leagues and tournaments coming down to the wire. If there was ever a time to forget about college football, it would be now.

Jaffe: Way-too-early MLB predictions

It's the second week of April, which means March Madness and the Masters have given way to the start of baseball season. And that means it's time for Jumping to Ridiculous Conclusions, Volume 2! Since I'm far too lazy to physically jump to these conclusions, here's my second annual way-too-early MLB column.

Jaffe: Cardinal men looking trendy on the hardwood

For several years, there has really been no comparison between Stanford men’s basketball and women’s basketball. While the men have struggled to get over .500, the women have been blowing out their opposition left and right. The men haven’t been able to sniff NCAA tournament contention, whereas the women are locks to be national title contenders year after year.

Jaffe: Early numbers offer hope for Omaha

This year, the pressure is really on the Stanford baseball team. For the first time in 10 years, the Cardinal is in the top three of all the major polls, and this season will not be a success unless Stanford gets to Omaha. How do you play with those expectations weighing on you?

Jaffe: Spare me all the legacy talk

It has now been over 24 hours since Super Sunday, so by now you are probably aware that, in between the M.I.A. bird-flip and the sadly sub-par commercials, there was actually a football game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots

M. Basketball: Peaks and valleys

After a 15-3 start, the Stanford men’s basketball team appeared to have stepped up into the top tier of the Pac-12, and all signs pointed toward a fight to make the NCAA Tournament. Two games later, and there are suddenly questions of whether the Cardinal has even improved very much since head coach Johnny Dawkins’ first year on the Farm.
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