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J.Y. Lee

Rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks

One of the eleven executive chefs on campus, Mary Russell-Wadleigh is “most grateful for the dynamic environment I work in, and the direct contact I have with students and the creative energy I have among the chefs.” She and her team, which includes a former Ritz Carlton chef, serve about 12,000 meals a day.

Grad co-op for Stanford

When I moved into a graduate studio in Escondido Village last year, it felt like regression to freshman year. Although Stanford housing had tried to inject vitality into sanatorium corridors by hanging faded landscape pictures, the common space remained barren. Whereas I had inherited a rich menagerie of furniture and artworks from my friends who had occupied Happy House before me, my studio was bare without any trace of life or history.

Why Stanford should globalize its football fever

As Rome had gladiators and Spain has matadors, Stanford has footballers. Perhaps because Stanford was not founded as a seminary the way Harvard was, American football has become the civil religion and Stanford Stadium the sanctuary for the catharsis of its overworked students.
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