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Irene Han

A bug’s life: The tale of debugging in CS 106A

I During the furious early-morning typings on a dim computer screen, a bug is born within a nest of brackets. Jumbled inconspicuously between various foggy lines of late night code, the bug sleeps innocently in the assignment of a novice computer science student. As the bug lies in hibernation, its surroundings continue to grow, line…

Behind the Chinese parent community’s comfort food deliveries

From the car trunk, egg-yolk-glazed barbecue pork buns brim like miniature suns from a horizon of Shin ramen packages, Japanese rice crackers and dried seaweed. It is as if someone has packed my childhood into grocery bags and loaded them into my mother’s Prius. Leaving campus to visit home for dinner, I first have a…

Stop signs and other supposedly universal rules

It is a common expectation that college can, and will, challenge your previously held beliefs. These four years promise a plethora of experiences to help either re-evaluate or re-affirm your viewpoints. Thus, in the spirit of transformation, below are a few of the paradigm shifts I encountered upon entering Stanford, with respect to a few…

On independence and leaving home (from a local student)

In the college narrative, there seems to be a trope about leaving home behind in order to become independent. There is something about being half a country away that causes self-transformation. Something about separation from the familiar that spurs growth. Something about outdistancing the past that makes it feel as if we are moving into…

On the times I thought I lost my bike

As a veteran student biker, I thought I had the basics down. Avoiding collision? After years of swerving around listless drivers, middle schoolers and the occasional suicidal squirrel, all I needed was a glimpse of a telltale selfie stick to safely loop away from yet another tour group. Finding a place to park? Let’s just…
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