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Roxy Sass: Spring Fling

Some say spring is a time for romance, but by the last few weeks of the quarter, Roxy knows the only love to be had at Stanford is the kind they study in Women in French Cinema. With only a few weeks remaining, there’s no time to start a full-fledged relationship — but Roxy only needs a few hours (or less, in a pinch) for her favorite kind of relationship. With warm days and chilly nights, the logic of the casual hookup is inescapable: find someone to keep your bed warm when the sun ducks behind the moon and who’ll be out of your hair by the time we see light of day again.

Top 5: Annoying Trends In All Y’all’s Facebook Statuses

For most of you, Facebook is a way to communicate, share pictures with your best cyber friends and enemies, make yourself seem cool, avoid your mother’s friend request and stalk the wedding photos of your Southern friends. But for those of us who avidly analyze socio-cultural trends in the modern, tethered youth, certain stylistic choices in status updates have become overused to the point where they are just one more update away from crossing the nebulous division from trope into cliché. Read the critique and recognize your own crimes — one dedicated Facebook-user/Daily Reader at a time, the following five trends can be eradicated. Happy Facebooking!

Mad Men in Black

Like most of the undergrad population on this campus, I was too young to be a part of the target audience of the original “Men in Black” when in came out in ’97. Most of us were fortunate enough to have older siblings or pals introduce us to the comedic and badass stylings of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and we can fondly look back on the original as well as the sequel. But even if “Lilo and Stich” was your primary extraterrestrial exposure, you’re in luck, because Will Smith doesn’t seem to have aged a day in “Men in Black III.” Plus, the first 15 minutes of this movie provide a handy refresher on the dynamic, crime-fighting alien duo of Agent J and Agent K, not to mention bring you up to speed on the current state of (Hollywood) race relations.

Dean Julie, student of life

“When you’re a young adult, your own voice needs to be the strongest one you hear. It is your college experience to own, to have agency over — you need to be the author of it,” said Dean of Freshmen and Undergraduate Advising Julie Lythcott-Haims ’89, known affectionately as Dean Julie, who will speak at Stanford’s inaugural TEDx event this Saturday.

Top 5: Ways to Beat the Heat

JFK talked about it in a letter. We came to Stanford for it. We backdoor brag about it to our East Coast friends all the time. And now it’s oppressive. Yeah – we’re talking about the heat. And now that it feels like full-fledged summer in this so-called spring quarter and the administration seems to be installing new pools – we mean fountains – left and right, it’s time we decide just where to dip our toes. Here are Intermission’s Top 5 ways to beat the heat.

Top 5 Things to Not Say to Strangers

College is one of the few times in your life when work and social environments completely overlap and you’re expected to automatically bond with everyone you come into contact with. With the friendliest season upon us, coinciding with final round interviews, it can be difficult to navigate the decorum appropriate for Exotic Erotic versus Wilbur Field tanning versus that first Google pod nap. Read on for the cardinal rules on which subjects shouldn’t be discussed until further familiarity.